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Our program is rooted on “Leave No One Behind Initiative” with focus on the orphans and the less privileged based on theUnited Nations’s transformative promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Clean Water & Sanitation

Access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities should be fundamental human rights. A 2022 report by the World Bank has shown that approximately 70 million Nigerians had no access to basic drinking water services and 114 million were without basic sanitation facilities in 2021. From building wells, repairing pipework from old infrastructure, to building toilet blocks and delivering education around good hygiene, our clean water and sanitation programme works to reduce disease and premature death due to a lack of access to these basic human needs.

Health & Wellbeing

Our Health and Wellbeing program aims to increase confidence, empathy and decision making as well as highlighting gender equality, HIV and AIDS awareness and nutritional health. We provide teacher training to identify children who are struggling with issues that could affect their ability to engage in their education and their communities.

Sustainable Livelihood Skills

Sustainable livelihoods skills are essential for individuals, families, and communities to build resilience and secure basic needs. The development of these skills can help communities to improve their economic and social well-being, while also preserving natural resources. Our Sustainable Livelihoods program provides business start-up training, small grants for tools, materials & equipment, and cooperative opportunities to help communities work together to secure new income streams.

Access to Education – Capacity Building

The lack of teachers in sub-Saharan Africa has reached crisis levels. According to UNICEF, the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria has increased from 10.5 million to 18.5 million in 2022 . Our Access to Education program reaches individuals who are least likely to be offered an schooling, with barriers such as disability, medical needs, poverty, and social exclusion our program involves sponsorship of medical costs, school fees and teaching communities about their rights.

Feed the Poor and Destitute

Providing food handouts to communities in need has been an important initiative for Framazaz Foundation since its inception. Framazaz Foundation had been involved with community feeding programmes through the provision of food distribution to those struggling, depending on the project whether it’s the orphans, widows or homeless.